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Midnight-5:00 Advice Line with Roy Masters
5:00-6:00 America's Morning News
6:00-9:00 The Ray Richardson Show
9:00 Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah
9:29 Faith Matters in Maine, Carroll Conley
9:30 Thru the Bible, Dr. J Vernon McGee
10:00-Noon Dave Ramsey The Robert Davi Show (Encore Edition)
Noon-1:00pm Jay Sekulow Live
1:00-1:30pm Focus on the Family with Jim Daly
1:29pm Faith Matters in Maine, Carroll Conley
1:30-2:00pm Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah
2:00-3:00pm Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey Live
3:00-6:00pm "Trending Today" with Rusty Humphries
6:00-9:00pm Dave Ramsey Robert Davi
9:00-Midnight   Advice Line - Live


Midnight-7 Advice Line
7:00-8:00 Uncle Henry's Talkin' Deals
8:00-11:00 Watchdog on Wall Street
11:00-Noon Nutzz & Knight (motor racing)
Noon-1:00pm In The Pits (Maine racing) with John Williams
1:00-3:00pm The Robert Davi Show - Weekend Edition
3:00-4:00pm The Ronnie McMullen Show
4:00-5:00pm Nell Mason
5:00-8:00pm Science Fantastic w/ Dr. Kaku
8:00-11:00pm The Jerry Doyle Show - Encore
11:00-2:00am The Defense Show


2:00-8:00 Advice Line
8:00-9:00 All Action Sports
9:00-10:00 Advice Line
10:00-11:00 First Congregational Service LIVE w/ Pastor Don Mayberry
9am in July and August
11:00-Noon Coffee Talk 3.0
Noon-1:00pm Food & Wine w/ Chef Gwen
1:00-3:00pm All About Health w/ Dr. Mitch
3:00-5:00pm Everything That Matters
5:00-7:00pm Brian Oxman
7:00-8:00pm The Robert Davi Show - Weekend Edition
8:00-9:00pm The Ronnie McMullen Show
9:00-11:00pm Science Fantastic w/ Dr. Kaku
11:00-2:00am Bill Wattenburg


Click here to see this month's scheduled broadcasts. All programs are subject to pre-emption by sporting events such as: Portland Sea Dog and New York Yankee baseball.


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